I’ve never owned a motorcycle, and none of my friends growing up had them.  My grandfather back in the mid 80’s bought a Honda Goldwing he rode up until he passed away around Y2K.  I’d wanted to do a few rides with him, but always had other priorities.

I was wandering aimlessly on Facebook one day when a friend of a friend started posting pictures of some custom motorcycles he was building out of old Kawasakis and Hondas.  I’d never heard of a Cafe Racer, and was blown away by what I found with just a couple quick searches on the internet. The more I looked, the more excited I got.

I knew right then I had to build a bike of my own.

It took about 5 years, but my wife finally relented and within a month I had a motorcycle license and my first project bike; a ’78 Yamaha XS750 SE.

Utah Cafe Racer started as just a simple site to log my building experience.  Fast forward to today, it’s giving me the opportunity to connect with home builders and small businesses here in Utah and all over the world.  If you got something to share, or just want to say Hi, drop me a line via the Contact Form .

Thanks for stopping by.