Jorge’s SR400 Cafe Conversion

| November 6, 2015 | 10 Comments


Stylish and original ideas always excite me. When I was introduced to the Cafe Racer style of motorcycles I was immediately hooked up by the concept and history behind of it as well its unique look. There is something in this style that lights up a desire for emotion and adrenaline. From that very moment I knew that I had to build and ride one.

hd_DSC_0891-copy After a long and extensive research analyzing all the possible donor bikes, years and types, I came across with the 2015 Yamaha SR400. It is the very same motorcycle being built since 1978 by Yamaha with a few modern improvements like fuel injection and front disk brake. The idea of using a brand new bike as a base of my project had its pros and cons. Yet a few strong arguments made me to decide in favor of using a 2015 motorcycle instead of an old beat up one. Not having to worry about potential and expensive issues on the engine, transmission, electrical parts and brake system were some of them, leaving me with room to invest time, energy and effort on the other aspects of the machine; allowing me to add my own flavor and ideas to the project.

hd_DSC_0817-copy In order to achieve a more compact profile look the shorter front and rear fenders played a major role. The horizontal line of the bike had to be lowered; a Triumph clubman type handle bar, thinner seat, repositioned meters and head light made the job, promoting a better alignment with the gas tank imaginary line. A new set of blinkers, mirrors and shorter muffler gave the final touches showcasing my re-interpretation of a classic and reliable motorcycle on a vintage look.



hd_DSC_0948-copy The end result was a leaner, cleaner and louder motorcycle that turns heads wherever we go. People get so enthusiastic with the bike that they stop by, ask questions and spend time admiring each detail; from teenagers to old dudes, man and women. However, more rewarding than all of this, is to have the sensation that I was able to spark in them curiosity and astonishment for Cafe Racers and vintage motorcycles.

hd_DSC_0887-copyBy the end of the day, the conclusion of the project wasn’t what gave me the feeling of “mission completed”. The emotion of being able to motivate and encourage others to do similar things was the ultimate prize of this project.

Written By: Jorge Damico
Enthusiastic photographer, skate boarder, writer, Japanese manga style designer, motivational speaker and Information Technology customer support manager during business hours.

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10 Comments on "Jorge’s SR400 Cafe Conversion"

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  1. Lance says:

    Great article!
    Great bike!
    Cool dude!

  2. Niure says:

    Very proud of you Husband. Good job ! It was so nice helping you !
    Hope we can have many more projects to complete.

  3. Vanderlei Serafim says:

    Brother, achei sensacional sua criatividade,alias sempre te admirei por seus talentos e persistência. A bike ficou linda.Se por acaso,quando for comprar uma maior e quiser vender essa,me avisa.

  4. Thanzeer Basheer says:

    Beautiful bike.. now I know what to do with mine :) can u tell what rear fender and brake light is used ?

  5. Geoff says:

    Long shot on getting an answer here since this was posted over 3 years ago, but the bike looks great and I just got a good deal on a 2016 SR400 so I figured I’d ask… Mind sharing your source for some of the parts? Specifically the rear fender, and maybe the seat? Love the look man!

    • ucr says:

      Hey Geoff,

      I only posted the bike for Jorge, and no longer have his contact info. In Utah, you might want to check out Bill’s Boneyard for parts. For getting a custom seat made, I highly recommend you contact Eli at .

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