Dan’s XT500 Tracker Conversion

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A couple years ago Dan had sent me some pictures and a bit of a writeup on a Yamaha XT500 he’d picked up as a project bike – http://www.utahcaferacer.com/2013/05/31/dan-duncans-yamaha-xt-500-cafe/ . Aside from some top end work, new header, and typical cleanup, the bike was look’n to stay pretty much stock for the time being, nothing flashy.

Fast forward to today, this bike has come a loooong way!



Fortunately Dan has taken the time to give some more details, which made my day. Here’s what he had to say –

I ended up finding a good set of XS650 for tubes for a good price so I picked those up and swapped them on the bike with a set of SR500 triple trees. I cleaned them out real good and put in new seals and fresh oil. I didn’t have a front brake setup yet so I decided to go with an R6 blue spot caliper with a rotor from an FZR600.  In order to get the rotor spaced out far enough I had to turn out a spacer on the lathe.  This is what it looked before I drilled the bolt holes:




I also needed a bracket for the caliper so I cut one out of aluminum plate and drilled some holes in it. I still need to do the finish work on it. I also stripped down the front wheel and painted it with VHT Epoxy and threw some new bearings in. I think it turned out pretty good. I went with a set of Shinko 705 tires, I thought they looked pretty good and the price was right.

For the seat I decided to splurge and buy one from Airtech Streamlining. I went with the DTS6 and I think it looks pretty good on there. Had to modify the rear frame hoop though. I wanted to fit all the electrics underneath the seat so I made a little tray that bolts to four tabs I welded to the frame. Everything is packed in there pretty tight but it all fits and looks ok from the side. As you can see I mounted the regulator underneath so it could get some air.



The rear wheel is from a 78 SR500, I am pretty excited with how the wheel and brake turned out.  I did a lot of looking for a caliper from a bike that had the same diameter rotor as the SR and I ended up finding a nice caliper from an 03 FZ1 for a good deal so I jumped on it. I was expecting to have to fab my own caliper hanger but the stock FZ1 hanger was almost an exact bolt on to the SR! The only thing I needed to do was make a very simple spacer/reducer because the FZ1 axle diameter was much bigger than the SR/XT axle –


The rotor is dead nuts center between the pads. The thickness of the SR rotor is the same as the FZ1 rotor too so that works out nicely.


For the rear MC I had to modify the stock XT brake pedal pivot so that it would attach to the plunger, then I welded a couple tabs to the frame to mount the MC itself –


The header is from Flow and the muffler is from Cone Engineering.  I need to fab up some mounts for it still.  I’ve got a pretty big to do list still but it is pretty much where I want it to end up.  Maybe a few years down the road I will throw an R6 front end on with some 17″ wire wheels, some nice shocks, and maybe a new swingarm but I am pretty stoked on it as it is now.  Should make a nice little hooligan bike to rip around town on.


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