The Salty Bike Revival Was An EPIC Success

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Evening comes to the Salty Bike Revival

At 1:45 PM a stream of visitors began trickling through the front doors of The Fallout on 600 West in SLC to checkout the Salty Bike Revival, an all Utah motorcycle builder/artist show. I took an opportunity to help out, and right up until I left around 8 PM there was at most a lull in that flow for about 5 minutes.  To say this event was anything less than a epic success would be a blatant lie.


Emperor of the North by Vagrant Cycle

Emperor of the North by Vagrant Cycle

The show had quite a range, from garage builders to seasoned professionals, that came from all over the state.  You had scramblers, choppers, Cafes, trackers, dirt bikes, etc. etc.  The winners of the show were Mike Meyers with his CX500RR, and a chopper by Andy Carter of Pangea Speed –


The show winners

Mike Meyers CX500

Closeup of Mike Meyers CX500RR

What I thought was the coolest thing about this show was the diversity of attendees.  There was just about every walk of life you could imagine, from young families to grizzled bikers.  Maybe it was the inviting atmosphere set forth by the organizers Rev and Seth Clark and Juan Coles, or maybe it’s that motorcycles are starting to becoming more mainstream with all the new interest in DIY customization. Whatever it is, I’m glad it is, and I’m glad this show happened.


Future custom builders gett’n some inspiration


XL500 from Bang Moto

I was working the front door most of the evening and can’t count how many people showed up after it started asking if they could still bring their bike down.  If that’s any indication, it’ll be my bet that next year is going to be even bigger.

The Muff Hucker

The Muff Hucker

'52 panhead from Kickback Cycles

’52 panhead from Kickback Cycles.  Airbrushing by Time Warp Custom Paint.

SR250T. Yup, that's a turbo on it

SR250T. Yup, that’s a turbo on it


Sportster Cafe Racer from the late Sid of Sid's Speed Shop

Sportster Cafe Racer from the late Sid of Sid’s Speed Shop

DJ Kasch’s bobber.

I hope that the future of this show continues with Utah builders, artists, and businesses as its focus.  There is just so much hidden talent here that an event like this should be on everyone’s agenda.


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