Millenovecento36 by Oscar Tasso

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The 2002 Guzzi Nevada 750 “Millenovecento36” is Oscar Tasso’s tribute to the Fiat 500cc. “Topolino”.


From Oscar –

On June 15, 1936, the automaker Fiat launched the 500A, which later became known as “Topolino” (Mickey Mouse), perhaps because of the similarity of its front with the nose of the Walt Disney’s character who became popular in that period. Italians got to know a freedom of movement that they wouldn’t be able to give up.

There have been many reasons that led me to dedicate a tribute to the Topolino first of all a memory of my childhood, of the yard where I grew up … There was a taciturn gentleman who had a garage, and this car was guarded there. Rarely, few times a year, the Topolino was pulled out of the garage and each time for me was a party. Every time, I stopped looking at her to listen to her voice which thrilled me. I was so excited by her smooth shapes, by her black and burgundy colors, by the smell of its exhaust: those emotions are still very vivid in me … “







The Millenovecento36 was not commissioned by a client and will be on sale in November, 2015

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