Product Review: Westone Custom Hearing Protection

| May 20, 2015 | 0 Comments


After a less-than-stellar report from my doctor on the state of my hearing, I decided now was the perfect time to do everything I could to preserve it.  I wanted something that could protect my hearing while on my motorcycle, but didn’t know if that was possible without creating a situation where I’d be compromised.  Custom molded earplugs were the answer, and Westone came highly recommended.  I settled on a pair that would reduce noise by 30 decibels, and a mold was taken and shipped off.  The price including shipping came to about $135.00 which wasn’t too much of a stretch on the budget, but can you really put a price on your hearing?

I didn’t expect the final result of my new exhaust system to be as loud as it is, and I was so excited for my first couple rides breaking in the rebuilt engine that I completely forgot I even had them.  But upon returning from a 45 min. jaunt around town, the ringing in my ears had me scrambling to find them. Today was the first time I actually wore them on the bike for an extended period.  Not once did I feel my sense of hearing was compromised, and the noise reduction actually made me feel quite a bit calmer allowing me to focus more on what was going on around me.

The real difference was when I made it back home.  After I removed my helmet and popped them out, it was as if I hadn’t even been out riding.  No ringing, no feeling of numbness, just business as usual.

Placing them in your ears is simple, but in order for them to remain seated while putting on my helmet I had to run the lanyard under my chin as opposed to behind my neck.  It didn’t make for a problem putting my chin strap on, but I did need to be mindful of it.

All in all this is definitely one of my smarter purchases.  For anyone looking to preserve their hearing, I highly recommend them.


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