Petcocks and Brakes and Stuff

| February 25, 2015 | 6 Comments

I really like how the Yamaha XS750’s bigger siblings not only have compatible parts, but that they are significantly cooler.  Awhile ago I’d purchased off Ebay the slotted brake rotors from an XS850, but the rear rotor they sent was really rusted all to crap.  Now that I’m getting so close to completing my project, it was time to get a decent replacement.  Freetriple from the site responded to my request and hooked me up for an awesome price –


Before –


After –

I’m still waiting on my new right brake caliper I purchase off Ebay, but I did have everything for the rear.  The paint had finally dried and so it was time to reassemble –


I really like these new Venhill brake lines I got custom made for the bike.  You can set everything up, install the banjos, and then screw on the lines.  No funny kinks to deal with.

Next up then was the petcocks.  I’d previously rebuilt both, but the elbows installed for the gas to exit through had come out.  Replacements weren’t an option, because just trying to press something back in would run the risk of leaking down the road.  We took a trip down to AutoZone and found a threaded solution.  The challenge now was to put some threads in the petcock –


To line things up in the milling machine, he reversed the drill bit in the chuck we were going to use to prepare the petcock for taping –


– and once things were lined up he reversed the bit and drilled it out.  The it was time to beginning tapping –


He only took it down in ever so slightly so that he could then remove it from the machine and add a manual attachment for better control –


– and here is the finished product –


After going through an ultrasonic cleaner and getting a new o-ring, the handle was really hard to turn. So, while he started work on the other I took some Scotch Brite to where the knob rests and then added some high temp rifle lubricant to make things go smoother –



I then used JB Weld to hold in place the fuel filters –


– and reassembled I then screwed them back into the tank and put it back on the bike for a look see –


The fuel line will require a little extra routing, but nothing extreme.  And here again is the tank on the bike –


I’ll be finishing up the front brakes next time around and then start on wiring.  The sub-frame modifications got either yanked on or banged into, and now it’s all twisted up.  I can try to straighten it out, or chop it off and start anew.  I’ve decided on the latter, so my buddies down at Salt City Builds will make up a custom loop.  I’ll also be bringing my fender back up to Adam at Time Warp Custom Paint to have repainted to match the tank.

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  1. Trevor says:

    I don’t know why I haven’t thought of that for my petcock. I have the same issue with the elbow coming out and waisting my gas. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Kohle Hansen says:

    Dude, your bike is coming along so nicely!!! I am stoked to get out and ride!!!! Give me a call this weekend!

  3. phil says:

    Man just got on the blog. Great reading, makes me want to do more to my bike…keep it coming

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