Brake Time

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As hard as I try, I just can’t find anything magical about 30+ year old brake fluid build up.  But what does amaze me is how so many parts, once opened up, tend to be in a somewhat like-new condition.  Take the rear master cylinder you see disassembled in the above picture.  While the outside looked like crap, the spring, piston, and other inner workings were in great shape.  Like everything else, it took longer than I expected to clean and put back together, but once reassembled it was working like new.

I hooked up one of my brand new stainless steel brake lines, special ordered from via Kelly over at Trackstar Powersports, and then connected up the rear caliper to push out the old piston and do some cleaning.  After a couple dozen pumps and a refill of the reservoir we got enough fluid in to push the piston through.  Although the outside looked like crap, the piston and cylinder were in great shape.  Once cleaned I taped up all the sensitive spots and proceeded to give it the gun-metal-grey paint job that I used on the forks.

The same process was applied to the front left caliper, but unfortunately I’d disassembled the right one about two years ago and didn’t think to clean it then and seal it up.  Rust was all over the piston, and the caliper was total shit, so it’s back to Ebay or forums to find a replacement.

Since the front master cylinder was completely trashed when I first acquired the bike,  I’ve opted to go with and alternative.  I’m trying out one from a Yamaha Raptor 660, and so requested a two line system created for the front as opposed to the original 1 line that is then split into 2.

I’m getting so close to having the bike up and running!  After our last attempt at making the new 3-2-1 headers went down in flames, I’ve found someone that will make them for me.  With that covered, it’s just finish the wiring, seat, and sync up the carbs.  I’d wanted to head up to Portland this year for the 1 Moto Show, but my budget was either go on a trip or finish the bike.  The bike show can wait til next year, because me riding finally can’t!

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