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After wayyy too long I finally got back down to the shop this past weekend and first thing I had to do was put the tank on for a look see. Words can’t describe how happy I am with the way this turned out!  Big thanks to Adam at Time Warp Custom Paint .



These pictures were taken in pretty low light.  Unfortunately it rained most of the day, otherwise I would have taken it outside to let the sun bring all that metal flake to life!

I’m a lot more motivated now to pretty up the bike, so I’ll be getting the carb diaphragm, rocker arm, and side case covers all polished.  I found out about a place down in Murray, UT called Metal Master that does excellent polishing work.  I called them up for a quote and Scott gave me a couple rough estimates over the phone that were way cheaper than I expected.  I won’t be getting those done though until I’ve had a chance to run the bike long enough to sync up the carbs though, since I’ll have to drain the oil before removing the side case covers.

The Kerker 3-2-1 exhaust knockoff was the next task, and I had to start making some length modifications to the left and right side pipes in order to clear the underside of the engine.  The original pipes were angled so that they wrapped around to the outside of the engine and frame, but without the bike right there at the muffler shop to figure the proper angles I decided not to worry about it.


This picture shows a 2 inch long extension I tried adding, which worked okay for the right side, but was total crap for the right.  After dinking around for what felt like forever I finally found 2 3/4″ was the sweet spot for both.  But, the pipes are so horribly mangled now I’m just going to go back and get new ones bent.

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