Generic Wiring Harness from C5 Performance

| March 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

You would be lucky to find a wiring harnesses for vintage motorcycles nowadays.  So, C5 Performance Ignitions decided that needed to change.  They’ve come up with a generic wiring harness that will work for any bike, plus with built in self-resetting circuit breakers you can now kiss those annoying fuse boxes goodbye.


Bike or Auto wire harness builder kit.
Heavy Duty ignition switch installed into an aluminum finned box with mounting tabs.
Inside we have a 30 amp rated self resetting circuit protector, and two 15-20 amp self resetting circuit protectors used for the lighting/horn circuits.
First keyed “on” position would be used to operate your ignition module and coils. The second keyed “on” position is used for lighting and horn.

Comes with several 6 foot long rolls of colored wires, an assortment of connectors, shrink tubing, and our high temperature Flex Sleeve protective covering.

You could easily use a distributing panel or independent fuse box inside your headlight bucket to add turn signals, starter button power, or operate a GPS or cell phone charger. The possibilities are virtually endless. Can be used for kick only or electric start systems. Works for positive or negative ground (earth).


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