Product Review: Gasolina Ton Up Boots

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The first time I saw the Gasolina website I knew that I had to own a pair of their handcrafted boots.  I had narrowed my decision down to either the Autoban or Midnight Edition , but then they came out with Ton Up and I was hooked.


The first time I contacted Gasolina via e-mail back in June of 2013 it was to inquire about special purchasing options.  I asked if they could include additional padding in the footbed, and Ashley ( very cool Gasolina Customer Service person  ) immediately checked with their materials supplier and had an answer for me the same day, which was Yes.

Time passed quicker than I’d expected, and it wasn’t until February of 2014 that I was ready to make my purchase.  By this time I’d found out I needed to now wear insoles ( I like the ones from Superfeet in the image below), so I asked Ashley via email if there would be a problem.


Ashley was pretty confident that if I followed their sizing guidelines, and took all required measurements, that all would be okay.  But, he also assured me that if there were any problems with the fit, as long as I hadn’t worn the boots outside or gotten them dirty, I could send them back in for an exchange.  That worked for me.

Gasolina Sizing Instructions

Gasolina Sizing Instructions

I sent Gasolina the results of my measuring and also requested the expedited 3-4 day shipping though UPS, and they in turn they sent me an invoice through PayPal.  I made my payment on Feb. 11th and was notified on February 25th that my boots were ready to ship, they just needed my phone number for customs and they’d get them out immediately.  On Tuesday I followed up via email asking for a UPS tracking number and they sent it immediately, and lucky me my boots were scheduled to be delivered that day!

A bag full of awesome

A bag full of Awesome

First impressions: The instructions noted that the heavy duty zipper might be a bit stiff at first, and they also suggested using a shoehorn.  Well, I don’t know about everyone else, but a shoehorn isn’t something I have lying around. It would be nice if they included one, and it quickly became obvious that with the stiff heal cup and zipper it really did make having one a bit of a necessity. I used a dull butter knife as a substitution and they slipped right on.

I next tried my insoles in them and the fit was very comfortable, although just slightly tight on the top of my foot, but when I readjusted my sock the tightness went away.

I walked around in them for a good ten minutes and then sat down, and I didn’t want to take them off. They’re just so comfortable I’d be happy to wear them all day.

How about those adjustable buckles?  The two bottom buckles really tighten things down perfectly.  All my pants open to a boot-cut width at the bottom, I have no interest in skinny jeans, and the width of the boot was enough to tuck my jeans in with the top buckle tightening them up just right.


And cinching the top buckle up all the way let my pants drape right over them.


All in all I’m really happy with the way these boots turned out, and for custom hand-made-to-order you just can’t beat the price.  The real test will be when I finish my motorcycle here in the next couple weeks and start putting some miles on them.

Gasolina states very clearly when ordering with the expedited 3-4 day shipping that you may get an import/duty fee.  Sure enough I got a bill from UPS Logistics for $18.95 on Friday the 14th of March, with a due date of Tuesday the 18th of March or additional fees would be tacked on.  I don’t know when UPS sent it, but they had the bill dated March 7th.  I tried to pay the fee on-online but wasn’t able to figure out where to do so, so I just wrote a check and mailed it hoping that if the letter is post marked before the 18th they won’t try to tack on additional fees.

Anyway, I’m thinking my next purchase from Gasolina might be the Grand-Prix jacket.  That thing has bad ass written all over it.


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