C5 Optical Ignition for the Yamaha XS750

| February 25, 2014 | 2 Comments

Tonight I received the world’s first optical ignition for my ’78 Yamaha XS750SE.  Hell Yeah!

C5 Performance went above and beyond to make this kit having to track down a bike ( I’m in Utah, they’re in Wisconsin ) in freezing temperatures to get measurements and then bounce back and forth between the warehouse the bike was in and their machinist to get the proper fit for everything.

So what you see here from top to bottom are; the coils, mounting plate, ignition with it’s components, and three spark plug wires all ready to go.  With the factory XS750 you’ve got a separate ignition module that your points connect to and then out to the coils.  On the C5 Performance system  everything is all bundled up in that blue stator.

Setup on donor engine

Setup on donor engine

Since this is their first setup for the XS750 I’ve agreed to help with a little refining by measuring and creating adapters for the coils to mount to. Where the mounting holes are already though I’m thinking it’s going to be a close match.  Since I’ve got access to a machine shop we’ll definitely be able to come up with something ;) .

They also sent everything I need connector wise which is apart of their generic wiring kit –


I’ll be back down to the shop this weekend to start assembling!


2 Comments on "C5 Optical Ignition for the Yamaha XS750"

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