No-battery Ignition System and Generic Wiring Harness from C5 Performance

| February 21, 2014 | 3 Comments


Our friends at C5 Performance have broadened their horizons and come up with a new no-battery system ( that’s right, no battery required to run your bike ) that works in conjunction with their optical ignition and high performance coil systems.  What you’re looking at here is –

  • the prototype ignition ( flat round thingy )
  • with the battery eliminator ( heat shrink wrapped cylinder with the red, yellow, and black wires ) .
  • add their coils and that’s it!

This setup will work for any motorcycle equipped with the new C5 ignition and a permanent magnet style charging system.

They’ve also seen that wiring harnesses are difficult, if not impossible to find for those of us working with ‘vintage’ bikes.  To make it simple for us ‘do-it-yourself’ types C5 has now come up with a simplified generic wire harness kit for even the most custom of rides.  In addition to wires and connectors, they also provide an aluminum container and a micro ignition switch.


Got questions?  They’ve got answers!  Checkout their website  at or find them on Facebook at .  This setup was made possible with a lot of help from the very fine people at Meriden Speed Shop.


3 Comments on "No-battery Ignition System and Generic Wiring Harness from C5 Performance"

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  1. Steve Clarke says:

    Looks like an excellent electronic ignition system. I remember owning an ex GP TR2-B Yamaha 350cc racer, and that had been fitted with a FEMSA ignition system (made in Spain). That was an excellent ignition unit too. So this one here will be even better. Also had a 125 Kawasaki racer fitted with a Krober system. Also very good. All these electronic systems produced very accurate timing, very critical on any engine, so this new kit must be tremendous. If I had a Meriden unit twin , ie Tiger or Bonny, I’d definitely be getting one.

    • ucr says:

      Hey Steve,

      Sounds like you’ve had some incredible experiences! They’ve just finished up their first XS750 kit that I’ll be getting here shortly. I’ll be posting pics and videos of the experience.

  2. Had one on my 1969 BSA. Worked great.cost 69 dollars. Roughly three times more than a battery in 1978. says:

    Had no battery on my 69 BSA. Had zero probs.Cost 69 dollars at parts galore on Ford rd. In Dearborn,Mich. Should have removed it when I let it go for a song. Too bad so sad.

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