Make’n And Break’n

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To make a long story short, we busted shit this past weekend.  To be specific, one of the clip-ons had an an accident. We started where we left off drilling and tapping the spots for the compression bolts that affect the fork tube, and then switched to an end-mill to carve out the space to allow for compression –


– and then cut the slot to allow for compression of the handlebar –


– things were look’n good so we decided to try out the handlebar tubing.  I thought I’d cleaned both the bar and the inside of the hole for the bar but turns out I left a couple chips in there.  It slid in fine but wouldn’t come out, so my dad tapped a small chisel in to widen the hole with the hopes of freeing it up but a couple taps too many and it broke –


– you can see here circled in orange the grooves in the metal from the metal chips –


– at least the other was still doing good –


– we still have a bunch of beveling to do, and there are some things cosmetically we won’t be able to do because we don’t have a CNC, but I’m pretty confident in the end they’ll turn out good.  We’ve got enough scrap aluminum left over to make one more so we’ll start again in a couple weeks when I’m down next.

On a different note, when we’d rebuilt the top end I’d put in new shims for all the intake valves.  The tolerance happy place was between .006 and .008 inches, with .006 being the optimal clearance between the cam lobe and lifter when uncompressed.  Cyliner #2 was at .006, but #1 and #3 were at .0055, and now that I had the cams in and everything I needed to get a special tool to keep the valve lifter compressed so I could replace the shim.  I ordered one on Ebay, but the bolt was too short for the recessed hole.  We ended up using a flat washer and nut in conjunction with one of the valve cover bolts to get it to work –


– and mom’s tweezers fit in perfectly to pop out the old shim –


– I went from a 2-60 to a 2-55 on #1, and I could have still gone a bit thinner still.  We’re hitt’n now at about .0059… Nope, gonna get a 2-50 and a 2-45 just to be on the safe side.

I got a crap load of stuff coming from Dime City next, and my optical ignition from the very awesome C5 Performance  should be here within a week or so. Could it be that I’m gonna have a bad ass ride ready for this upcoming season?

Stay tuned to find out

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