Carb Rebuild Continues

| December 26, 2013 | 5 Comments

I had two carbs left to re-assemble and this time things went quite a bit smoother.


I’d purchased some new brass T pieces from Mikes XS as per their suggestion from my email correspondence with them, but after I got them I realized these wouldn’t work on a 3  cylinder setup.  I knew they didn’t accept returns on these parts, so I decided to send an email letting them know for their own future reference.  Here’s what was sent –

Me –


I’m looking for 2 Carb Fuel Line T-Pieces that would work for Mikuni II carbs off a 1978 XS750.  Would you happen to carry any?

Their response –

Check part # 48-0884

Me ( after I’d received them ) –

FYI – The part # 48-0884 is too long for the Mikuni II carbs.

And they responded with –

I am not able to advise as we specialize in the xs650

Anyway, this was the new T-Piece compared to the old –


So my dad took a look, made a couple measurements, then got to work on his lathe –


He also had just the right size O rings laying around, and this was the end result –


We tried them out and they worked perfectly!

So as I continued he got to some cleanup and came across a couple old Crown Royal bags.  He asked if I could use these for anything and I thought, ‘these would work perfect for keeping the carbs clean’!


As always it took longer than I’d expected, but I finally finished reassembly –


I still have to add the T-pieces and attach the carbs to the spreader bar and then hand synchronize them.  Also, the choke bar has a couple steel balls and springs that were lost by the previous owner so we gotta find some alternatives for them as well.  So in the baggies they went for safe keeping –


I’m going to need new K&N Pod filters and the rubber diddies that connect the carbs to the intake ports.  I’m hoping next time we’ll be able to start reshaping the front fender and finish the tear-down of the brake calipers so I can repaint them and rebuild.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope your holidays are happy and you have a terrific new year!

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5 Comments on "Carb Rebuild Continues"

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  1. Brian Stowe says:

    The carbs look great. I’m actually right in the middle of a 1977 xs750 rebuild right now. JUst curious what size you jetted your carbs to. I am going the put pods on and have a three to one exhaust. Any advice would be great. This is my first project and want to get it right.

    • ucr says:

      Hey Brian,

      Thanks for the kind words man. That totally rocks you’re starting off with an XS750. Are you using MK11 Mikuni carbs? If so, I went up a little on the main jet size to 132.5 and I’m going to be using K&N pods. This size was suggested to me by REDMAN on the forum, and if you haven’t checked that out you really need to. I’m also going to be remaking a Kerker 3-2-1 exhaust as well. If you ever have any pictures to share please let me know.

      • Brian Stowe says:

        Sorry for the late response. I do have the mk11 carbs. I would love to post some pictures of my progress….although I’m not sure j ow

    • ucr says:

      Oh, also check out . I only buy from there currently for carb stuff. Good prices and service.

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