Cole Matson’s Yamaha XV920 Cafe Project

| December 18, 2013 | 2 Comments

From Cole – Here is my XV920 that I picked up for a very fair price about a month ago. I have the hopes of modifying it and so far ive got it stripped down and starting to mock it up for the subframe. I picked up a new tank for it, its a mid 70s XL 350 tank and so far im really liking the look. If anyone has any good suggestions on wiring ill gladly take any ideas.




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2 Comments on "Cole Matson’s Yamaha XV920 Cafe Project"

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  1. prasad says:

    hey bro congrates for buying this evil..
    m from india n ive rd ur page so wana share some ideas wid u.
    first u need to upgrade wid entire body frame of it (u shud try ducatis frame) wid specially clip-on two piece steering n kinda motogp style foot peg..n main thing here is u shd turn ur silencer underseat instead of side of pillion seat n accrdng to me it shud b supported with underseat monoshock suspension.
    n ma fvrte part is the headlight n it shud b classical big round old schl kinfa hdlight.
    hope u like ma sugsn n will work on ur evil by slcting any one of ma ideas.
    so ive crossd ma fingers to get n email of success from u.
    cheers n wish u gdluck
    plz reply me on ma email

  2. Paul Crowe says:

    Viragos are strong engines and were always very popular. I spent many years at a large Yamaha dealer and worked on many. There is a multi spark ignition available to reduce the starting issues these bikes had. You should consider one for your awesome ride. Great job! (C5 Performance is the company making a Virago kit right now).

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