Soda Blasters, Progressive Fork Springs, And Putting It All Together

| November 12, 2013 | 2 Comments

I tried making a soda blaster this trip to clean off my fork lowers in preparation for repainting.  It didn’t work as well as other examples I’d seen on-line, but on second thought I don’t know how much pressure we had.  Probably could have used a slightly smaller hose as well, but it was a cheap experiment.  I didn’t record it though because outside I had a slight breeze working against me and I couldn’t keep baking soda off the camera lens.  It did however work well enough to get most of the crap out of the hardest to reach places.

Since I didn’t purchase fork fluid we ended up going with automatic transmission fluid.  It’s used in hydraulics, has anti-foaming agents, and is lightweight so I figured we give it a try.  Quite a few forums have suggested it as a good alternative.  I ended up going 5 inches on the spacer used to compensate for the short length of the new springs, but looking at how it turned out I’ll probably end up taking another couple inches off to lower the front end down as far as I want to level the bike out.

Since the 130/90v-18 Shinko Tour Master 230 was too wide and rubbed against the drive shaft housing, I got a new 120/90V-18 instead and it fit just fine.


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2 Comments on "Soda Blasters, Progressive Fork Springs, And Putting It All Together"

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  1. Kohle Hansen says:

    Coming along nicely! I cannot wait to go out on a ride next spring! First nice day on dry pavement, we are going up the twistys for a nice canyon run!

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