Fork Teardown And Stuff

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Last weekend I got back down to my dad’s shop and decided to teardown the front shocks.  I’d thought about just cleaning up the lowers with some Scotch Bright and then painting, but one of the dust covers was cracked and there was quite a bit of corrosion in the top of the tubes, and since I’m not in a hurry right now being that winter is right around the corner, why not?


Draining fluid

Draining fluid

Aside from having a hell of a time removing the snap ring from the tops, it all went pretty smooth.  The fluid looked pretty gnarly so a change was definitely in order.  I took some chrome polish and cleaned up the tubes, then put them in this plastic sheathing stuff my dad uses for gun barrels for safe keeping.


We checked the run-out on the pistons and they were within tolerance, so next I measured the length of springs.  Those where both 1/2 inch shorter than acceptable, so it’s time for some new springs.  My buddies over at Salt City Builds have used Progressive springs on their personal rides and recommend them, so my next purchase is going to be a front end spring kit.


With everything ready for cleanup I decided to call it a day.  I really would like to try building a home made soda blaster to polish up the lowers, and then I’m gonna rattle-can them a gun metal grey color which should match the final drive on the bike.


I also got my new tire!  The 130 I’d put on for the rear was too wide by 1/4 of and inch (crap) so I ordered the next size down, the 120.  I’ll get them swapped out and ready for the next trip down.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to sell the old one for at least half the price of what I bought it for.  I’d return it, but I’ve had it longer the available time limit.


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