Reassemble Proceeds But Rear Tire Size No Es Bueno

| October 14, 2013 | 0 Comments

I got back down to the shop this past weekend and we proceeded to re-install the drive line, swing arm, final drive and wheel. Everything was going back together really well until we put the wheel on and realized a 130 was just a little too big. I knew it was a bit of a risk, but awhile ago I was assured by someone that it’d fit just fine.  Fortunately this isn’t the beginning of the season, so it wasn’t as much of a disappointment as it could have been. Live and learn I guess.  I’m going to stick with the Shinko Tour Master 230, but get a 120/90V/18 instead.

The day’s goal was to get wheels on both the back and front end, but to do this I was going to have to pass on cleaning up the lowers on the front shocks and repainting them.  I was also considering holding off on this because I’d like to install some Progressive springs in the front shocks, but having to buy a new tire is going to put that on hold.  Next time down we’ll get the new wheel installed and then we might as well get those lowers taken care of now.  I’m going to go Gun Metal Grey on these as well as the controls.

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