After 2 Years She’s Finally Going Back Together

| September 18, 2013 | 2 Comments

It was October of 2011 when I purchased my Yamaha XS750SE, and two years later she’s finally going back together.  One thing we decided was needed, but didn’t want to have to go and buy, was a stand for reassembly.  We pulled out the frame and took some measurements, then I hunted around and found some old Thule roof racks from out Windsurfing days.  They had a good amount of rust on them, but were in good enough shape for what we needed.  I got to cutting them down on a band saw while my dad cranked up his arc welder.  We ended up covering the tops of the stand with an insulating foam tube that is typically used for water pipes.  We’d used this stuff for years to keep from scratching up our boards.  Here is the end result –


Next, I pulled out a pile of old blankets and placed them on the floor for the engine to lay on.  We’d forgotten how heavy the engine was, so when we went to move it out, I ended up scooting the blankets over a bit more.  We rolled it over on its side, and then laid the frame down over it and put all the mounting bolts back in and torqued them down to spec.  To lift the frame and engine up on the stand was looking a bit of a challenge, so we grabbed a 10 ton come-along and hooked it up to the ceiling rafters and hoisted it up –


The goal for the day was to get tires on, but building the stand took a huge chunk out of our time.  We did manage to get the new bearings and races installed, as well as the triple tree.  We got looking over forks and realized the dust seals were torn, and there is some corrosion on the outside.  A little Scotch Brite cleaned them up some, but it looks like some painting is in order too.  I think I’m going to go gun metal grey on the forks, keeping them close to the original color.  Next time we’ll tear the shocks down, do some painting, reassemble and put them on.  Looks like the bike is gonna be finished now just in time for winter….  Oh well, at least I’ll have something ready for when next season starts.

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2 Comments on "After 2 Years She’s Finally Going Back Together"

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  1. Kohle Hansen says:

    Get this pig back together! I owe you a ride, and a beer!

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