1975 Jawa 350 2t a.k.a. “Bone” by Zangheri Luca & Filippi Fabio

| August 28, 2013 | 11 Comments


We are two guys in Lower Romagna (Zangheri Luca & Filippi Fabio) and last winter we have created “Bone”.
The desire was a lot but very little money, so we started to search the internet and after much sail she appeared …… Jawa!
The base is a two-cylinder Jawa 350 2t of 1975, which reduced a little ‘bone has become in our “Bone”.
We have twisted the base, we have tried to do the best job as cheaply as possible (there is a crisis!) And trying to represent the style Cafe as we know it.






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11 Comments on "1975 Jawa 350 2t a.k.a. “Bone” by Zangheri Luca & Filippi Fabio"

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  1. Tzingel says:

    Very nice, clean and neat 2 stroke racer:P One question, how the hell they start it? Only “pushstart” :D
    Is there any forum or blog where I can find all about the project?

  2. Fabio "Bone" says:

    Hello Tzingel,

    thanks for the compliments! :)

    The kick-strater is integrated in the gearshift lever. Just a small axial pressure along the pin of the shift lever and the shift lever down to become a kick-starter.

    the tires are 2.50-18 front and 4.00-18 rear. The model does not remember, sorry :)

    • Tzingel says:

      Hi Fabio,

      Actually I`m starting my Jawa 634 cafe project and know how original Jawa gear lever/kickstart works. But at the moment you turned gear lever 180 degrees and it does not “hop up” to original position and it´s not possible to “kick” it :P Or I just dont get it ATM :D
      If possible, please send me a picture or make a little youtube video of kickstarting :)

      My e-mail address is: mrtntmk@gmail.com
      Best Regards

  3. Fabio "Bone" says:

    Hi Tzingel ,

    Also we have rotated the gear lever by 180 ° and the start-up time is done by pulling up the lever with your hands …. but it is more “Racing” push the bike! ;)

  4. Альберт says:

    Фабио а скажите пожалуйста как вы планируете сделать глушители ???

  5. Kaslern says:

    This motorcycle is awesome :)

    Hey, where did you get front and rear suspension like this? And This is an original front lamp? :)

  6. Moby12 says:

    Привет! классный мотоцикл, сам делаю такой. Расскажите как вы его заводить собираетесь?

  7. Dale says:

    realy like the color looks great love to do a two stroke

  8. kraxi says:

    Hello Fabio,

    from which motorcycle is the headlight ? THX

  9. Mihkel says:

    Where are the mufflers? Doens’t 2-stroke engine need the pressure created by the muffler to work properly?

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