1975 Jawa 350 2t a.k.a. “Bone” by Zangheri Luca & Filippi Fabio

| August 28, 2013 | 13 Comments


We are two guys in Lower Romagna (Zangheri Luca & Filippi Fabio) and last winter we have created “Bone”.
The desire was a lot but very little money, so we started to search the internet and after much sail she appeared …… Jawa!
The base is a two-cylinder Jawa 350 2t of 1975, which reduced a little ‘bone has become in our “Bone”.
We have twisted the base, we have tried to do the best job as cheaply as possible (there is a crisis!) And trying to represent the style Cafe as we know it.






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13 Comments on "1975 Jawa 350 2t a.k.a. “Bone” by Zangheri Luca & Filippi Fabio"

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  1. Tzingel says:

    Very nice, clean and neat 2 stroke racer:P One question, how the hell they start it? Only “pushstart” :D
    Is there any forum or blog where I can find all about the project?

    • Tzingel says:

      And the tyre sizes, any one knows? Maker is Metzler and model Perfect ME77, but what size? :)

    • Manan D Patel says:

      Tzingel. special thing about the yezdis. the gear lever has to be pushed in towards the gearbox and has to be pulled back towards the rear tyre. hearing a little “click” sound it engages and becomes the starter kick. after kicking the bike push it forward and the click happens again indicating that it can now be used to change gears. i own one and i get “how do you start it?” a lot of times. cheers

  2. Fabio "Bone" says:

    Hello Tzingel,

    thanks for the compliments! :)

    The kick-strater is integrated in the gearshift lever. Just a small axial pressure along the pin of the shift lever and the shift lever down to become a kick-starter.

    the tires are 2.50-18 front and 4.00-18 rear. The model does not remember, sorry :)

    • Tzingel says:

      Hi Fabio,

      Actually I`m starting my Jawa 634 cafe project and know how original Jawa gear lever/kickstart works. But at the moment you turned gear lever 180 degrees and it does not “hop up” to original position and it´s not possible to “kick” it :P Or I just dont get it ATM :D
      If possible, please send me a picture or make a little youtube video of kickstarting :)

      My e-mail address is: mrtntmk@gmail.com
      Best Regards

  3. Fabio "Bone" says:

    Hi Tzingel ,

    Also we have rotated the gear lever by 180 ° and the start-up time is done by pulling up the lever with your hands …. but it is more “Racing” push the bike! ;)

  4. Альберт says:

    Фабио а скажите пожалуйста как вы планируете сделать глушители ???

  5. Kaslern says:

    This motorcycle is awesome :)

    Hey, where did you get front and rear suspension like this? And This is an original front lamp? :)

  6. Moby12 says:

    Привет! классный мотоцикл, сам делаю такой. Расскажите как вы его заводить собираетесь?

  7. Dale says:

    realy like the color looks great love to do a two stroke

  8. kraxi says:

    Hello Fabio,

    from which motorcycle is the headlight ? THX

  9. Mihkel says:

    Where are the mufflers? Doens’t 2-stroke engine need the pressure created by the muffler to work properly?

  10. Tomas says:

    The model is Jawa 350/634, if the tank is original one, I expect the year of manufacture between 1975 and 1980.
    Very nice, thinking about something similar.. :)

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