Tom Holdaway’s Chang Jiang 750

| August 7, 2013 | 1 Comments

I bought this particular bike from a gentleman in Elmo, Utah. He ordered it in August 2007, it came on a “slow boat from China” and arrived in New Jersey October 2007. It was then air freighted to Salt Lake, Utah.  It only had 400 kilometers on it when I bought it (approx. 240 miles). I had to repair the rectifier pack with a diode from a Ford alternator and replace the voltage regulator.

Chang Jiang 750_2

I wanted to install a Browning 1919 30 cal. Machine gun, but couldn’t find one that I liked for the price, so In installed a Browning M2 50 cal. The gun looks good but a real one would probably tear up the sidecar in a few days.

Chang Jiang 750

Chang Jiang 750_3

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  1. Ben Olsen says:

    my wife and i have admired the cj750’s for a long time and have always wanted one. hopefully one day. If i see you around i’ll be sure to stop and talk. as i’m sure everyone else does. great looking machine.

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