We Gots Compression!

| July 29, 2013 | 0 Comments

After a good 7 hours of work yesterday we finally got the engine back together and did a compression test, and oh do we have some compression!


Cylinder #3 had 105 psi, #2 had 110 psi, and #1 had 110 psi.  Since it was a handheld compression gauge, the values could have been a little better than measured, but anything above 90 psi means working.  I’d also like to say thanks to robH from the Yamaha-Triples.org forum for hooking me up with a shim too!

The bike is going to be on hold for the month of August on account of Bonneville Speed Week, the Bonneville Vintage GP out at the Miller Sportspark, and the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials .  I’ll be out taking pictures of all sorts of awesomeness, and meeting the people behind it all.  I’m especially hoping I’ll get to meet Shinya Kimura at one of these events, because that would just kick some major ass.

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