Michael McFarland’s 1978 CB400 Hawk II

| July 10, 2013 | 5 Comments

Here’s a pic of my first attempt at a cafe racer. She’s a ’78 CB400 Hawk II. She rolled in the garage a normal little cruiser but (lots of choice words and busted knuckles later) rolled out a loud, shiny curve hugger. She’s been a blast, and the odometer just rolled over 13,000 original miles. Of course, nothing in my garage is ever finished so I’m still playing with more ideas to hop her up.


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5 Comments on "Michael McFarland’s 1978 CB400 Hawk II"

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  1. Hollywood says:

    She’s a thing of beauty, Mr. McFarland!! Well done, sir!! :)

  2. Greenwell says:

    Awesome Dude! You should have also mentioned that she is a Nut buster! Congrats :)

  3. Kohle Hansen says:

    Love it! We should race!

  4. Jim Lonsky says:

    She’s a beauty! Just picked up a 78 Hawk hondamatic, and would love to put the same seat on it. Could you provide my with any info on the make and model? or advice on the mounting (would like to keep the rear fender in play) Thanks

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