Kohle Hansen’s 1981 Yamaha XS650 Special

| July 1, 2013 | 3 Comments

1981 Yamaha XS650 Special Cafe Racer

Less than 22,000 original miles on it



Clubman bars
Tires (oversized)
Grips/grip donuts
Throttle tube
Fuel tank
BMX Bar ends
Collapsible/rotating bar-end mirror
Progressive fork springs




(Billet aluminum) signals, motor mounts, speed stand mounts, handlebar
risers, footpegs, fender mounts, license plate/tail light mount
Seat (I hate it)
Shaved fenders





Pod air filters/removed airbox
Pamco Ignition System
NGK plug wiring
New valves
Timing chain and gguide
Pamco Coil
Carb flanges
Rebuilt carbs
New fuel and vacuum lines
Upgraded headers
External Oil Cooler
Pod filters
Vance and Hines Exhaust
Updated magneto/electrical/relays/etc
Chain/ rear sprocket
Throttle cable

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3 Comments on "Kohle Hansen’s 1981 Yamaha XS650 Special"

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  1. Ben Olsen says:

    nice xs, i’m also running an xs650 cafe, you can see it on my facebook page facebook.com/benjamin.y.olsen. I recently made a new seat and i can help you if you want to change yours. I live up by hill AFB, would love to check out your xs may be you can give me a few tune up pointers or whatever.

  2. Kohle Hansen says:

    Right on man! Thank you for the comment! As of now, I am going to wait a bit before I change the seat. I am going to do the “bug-eye” seat from Dime City, and a friend of mine is number one when it comes to upholstery. As far as tune ups, I would say to start with the basics (and do it all at once if possible). Change your ignition, check and adjust your valve timing (and guides), complete exhaust, exhaust wrap, and of course… Ditch the airbox! There are a number of great resources online, but if you would like, I would be happy to post them here for you. The XS is certainly a fantastic build, and I wish you the best of luck. This bike is actually my first build, and I am somewhat of a noob when it comes to this jockey rocket. At any rate, best of luck with your bike! Post here is you have anything that I can help you with specifically. My brain is pretty much fried right now after a long hot day, so I cant even think straight as I type this. You bike looks great dude! I can see it is coming along nicely…

  3. Kohle Hansen says:

    This website is quite helpful for basic stuff! Be sure to check it out!!


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