2010 Boxer Tiger

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I received the following last night from reader Ken Roach out of northern Thailand.  He’s included so much info, that I’m just gonna cut and paste.  I’d never heard of the Boxer Tiger, and it looks like a fun ride.


I live in Northern Thailand. A big concern here (for me, anyway) is the ability to get a bike serviced out in the countryside. Not always so easy! There are some big bikes here, but most manufacturers really have no presence. Kawasaki is the major exception. Honda sells only two “big bikes” – CBR250R and recently, a 500 of some kind.

The bike I wish to tell you about is a 2010 Tiger Boxer 250RS. This bike is made here in Thailand. You can see the bike’s basic specs and a photo of a stock bike here: http://www.bikez.com/motorcycles/tiger_boxer_250_rs_2011.php 

Photos of my bike can be seen (and I hope, downloaded from) here: http://s1052.photobucket.com/user/Krroach/library/2010%20Tiger%20Boxer%20250RS%20-%20With%20Custom%20Paint 

A video of the bike can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzi9pSPaZWw

The engine has been warmed a bit, with that work done by the chief mechanic at the Tiger factory: The head was milled slightly for a higher compression ratio, and ported (but not polished). A mildly reground “racing” cam was added, and the carburetor was exchanged for a 29mm Keihin. The exhaust was also modified slightly to “open it up.” The effect was to boost horsepower from the stock 18 to 21. The mechanic reported my new top speed to be approximately 140KPH. Maybe, but I weigh twice what he does. I’ve been able to get close to that, but not quite that. All in all, the performance is now about the same as for a Honda CBR250R.


The paint was done by a local biker shop — “Bull Shop” in Chiang Mai. 


The seat was also done by a local guy who is well known throughout Thailand for his seat making skills. It was loosely modeled on a Sargent seat I had on a Ducati 900SS back in the states some years ago.

Ken also included a couple pics of his Kawasaki Ninja, and these are just bad ass!



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  1. Kohle Hansen says:

    Awesome!!! Keeping the scene alive in Thailand! Rock on man, and ride safe!

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