It’s Engine Time!

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It was time to tear down the engine, and so we got to it –


This is an XS750SE, an in-line triple.  Our previous compression test showed that cylinders 2 and 3 had little to no compression, and 1 did have compression but it was about 90psi, and we need 126psi as a minimum.  The moment I took off the cam cover, it was obvious that someone had already been dinking with the engine –


The gasket was in perfect condition, and some of the nuts were slightly stripped.  Dunno if you can see it, but there are still some pine needles lying around ( thought I blew those out already ).  This bike had sat for a couple years under a pine tree before I got it.

Instructions were to set the timing to where cylinder #1 is in top dead center –


Unfortunately, I didn’t read the instructions beforehand and we needed a chain splitter.  I ended up having to cut one of the chain links with a grinder….


I removed the cams, and then it was head bolt time.  Everything was coming apart pretty good until the second to last bolt.  I busted the damn thing….  fuck.


I pulled the head off, then the jugs –


– and then my dad took the jugs over to the milling machine and started setting up to drill it and easy-out it –


Lining it all up

Lining it all up

And I got to work removing pistons and cleaning off shitty gasket –




Aside from the piston heads needing some cleaning, I don’t think we’ve got a problem with any of the rings, but I didn’t get a chance to mic either the pistons or rings though.  There wasn’t any play in them ( pistons ) in the wrong directions at the wrists, so I’m hoping the issue is just some valves that need work. We’ve also still gotta check to see if anything is warped as well.  The jugs looked pretty good, but could use a little honing.  Here’s hoping we can keep using those also.

The frame and wheels have been blasted now –


And last night I got some kick ass pics of the tank.  The painter had just finished up!


This color is actually one that I’d picked out from my wife’s nail polish, but I’d totally forgotten that until she asked me how I got the color to match so closely.  I just went and picked this out at random from the local paint supplier.  I’m really happy with it!

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