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| April 22, 2013 | 2 Comments

Up at the butt-crack of dawn, coffee in hand, I headed back down to the shop.  My dad had sand blasted the gas tank over the week, and it was time to get some bondo on.


The mounting tabs for the Yamaha badge was my main concern.  I didn’t want to put a new badge on, and I don’t want to have those things just hanging there, it just bugs the shit out of me.  We’d considered just cutting the brazing and prying them out, and I even asked around for a bid on chopping out the whole area and have some new metal welded on.  Option one was too risky, and the answer for option two came back as costing more than the tank was worth.  I eventually want to get where I’m making my own gas tanks from scratch, but for now I don’t have the mad skillz.  I’d asked Adam of Time Warp Customs ( see interview ) what he’d do, and his idea was to hammer in the tabs and bondo over the top.

We decided to go with bondo.


With some squeegees, short strand filler and hardner, it was time to get busy.  I used a small hammer and a small punch to tap in the tabs on both sides.  I then mixed up the filler, and applied generous portions.  I actually applied too generous of portions, and was really thankful my dad had an orbital sander lying around for me to use.


Sides done, my dad took over filling the additional dimples, rust spots, and shaping additional bondo over the covered brackets so that it all stayed rounded and fluid with the tank. He did a great job!




My tail light had arrived also during the week and so I needed to start figuring out where to mount it.


I decided I’ll remove it from the licenses plate mount, and I’ll connect it directly to the seat.  I’ll also be mounting my LED turn signals on the seat as well.


While my dad was finishing up the bondo, I started grabbing all the parts I’ll be sending with him for paint and powder coating.


I’d intended to also have the frame ready, but I’ve got one piece of flat strap to add to the frame for the voltage regulator and starter relay, but sure enough I was out, so it was time to call it a day.

I’d also cut the mufflers off the headers because I’m going to create a knock off Kerker 3-2-1 setup.


I’ve got more shit coming in the mail this week.  I found a screaming deal on some clip-ons, and I’ve got carbs that need some serious attention.  REDMAN on the Yamaha Triples forum gave me the mains jetting size he uses for his Kerker setup, so I’ll be ordering them and rebuild kits from .

Have a great week!


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    Sweet thanks for posting up all this stuff!

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