Finished seat, and damn it felt good!

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I finished up the seat here this past weekend and I think it turned out okay.  I came to the realization finally that the problems I was having with the MIG were actually my fault;  I wasn’t giving the wire enough distance from the effected area to create an ‘arc’, and once I figured this out shit started going much smoother.

welding seat back


And here she is all polished up and on the bike –




 I cut out a small portion of sheet metal that matched the area that will be left accessible once the seat is bolted on the frame.  This I will have sewn into the upholstery to give a rigid surface to lean back into.  I’m going to purchase screw studs that I’ll use to secure the upholstery to the seat, and I’m also going to add some directly to the frame under the portion where the rider sits.  I’m now leaning a bit more toward marine grade vinyl instead of leather due to the amount of upkeep that leather requires.  Still undecided though.

We then moved on to tearing down both wheels and ran into some bearings and stuff that would not move.  My dad machined up real quick at piece of plastic the same diameter as the outer bearing race, and with a 4 pound hammer he attempted to hammer it out.  Shit wasn’t moving any, and unfortunately he got tired and accidentally smacked the wheel directly completely missing the plastic and hub.

I just about had a very emotional reaction…..



I’m going to now have the wheels torn down by a professional, but first have the front wheel tested to make sure it’s not bent.  I’m getting alot closer to painting time! I’ve still got a couple spots where I’ll need to determine new mounts for electronics, specifically the LEDs that I’ll be using for turn signals, and the parts necessary to do the blinky-blink thing.


I started last night tearing down my Mikuni carbs and it looks like the previous owner already fucked with them a bit.  Found some partially stripped Philips heads for starters, and I also found out the hard way that they still had about 4oz of partially gelatinous fuel still in them. I spilled it just about everywhere there was space to contaminate. My wife  was not impressed with the fumes coming out of the garage last night.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good weekend and get the opportunity to do some cool shit!

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