So Close And Yet So Far

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I’d left off last time needing to finish up forward-most portion of the seat –


Since the seat itself was now cambered I decided to follow suit with this piece of sheet metal.  Using my dad’s 60 gallon air compressor I was able to form the right shape pretty easily just as I’d shaped the round stock –



A little cleanup with the bench grinder and I was ready to start welding it on –


The MIG wasn’t running for shit unfortunately, but when it was all said and done I think it turned out okay –



Although I would have preferred a much cleaner weld, this is all going to be covered by leather so no worries –



Battery portion was up next, and although my dad had assured me I had enough 16 gauge for it I wasn’t able to find it in the pile.  That pretty much signaled lunch and a trip to Home Depot, followed by Lowe’s for more.  We hit our usual Mexican restaurant for fish tacos and cervesa, and then it was back to it.  I grabbed the chunk of aluminum I used originally for making the bends in the round stock that was to be the frame for the battery cover and started shaping it up –



It was at this point that I realized I should have taken some measurements.  The sheet metal wasn’t long enough! FUCK!!!


Since I obviously had enough room for the battery we decided I could shrink the height both front and back by about one inch and it would work.  With that accomplished everything was lining up now, so it was tacking and cutting time.  Damn MIG still wasn’t running for shit though –


I got to the point where after a couple hours of bending around trying to get things just so my back was killing me.  But wait! Rum and Coke to the rescue!


Refreshed, but not bleary, we kept going.  And this is what we ended up with –





It was about 7:30pm when my wife emailed me a grocery list and I then realized my window of opportunity had closed.  It’s a couple hours drive home so it was time to call it quits.  I had hoped to finish it up, but close is better than nothing.  In the mean time until I go back down I’ve got my carbs to clean and/or rebuild, wheels and tires to attend to, my gas tank to work on, and a bunch of shit to order.  With my gas tank I’m wanting to remove the mounting brackets for the badge, and possibly decide on how to paint it.

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