Finally back in the game

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Damn it felt good to get back down to the shop last Sunday and continue on my bike.  It’d been so long I’d forgotten where I’d left off even.  Fortunately the gods have smiled on me and I’ve got every Sunday this month to make some progress.


I’d previously thrown away the whole cage and decided to start over because it’d become such a patchwork of crap that if fell apart.  So, new quarter inch round stock was purchased and a new cage was created.  I also  decided to weld in tabs that I’d use in conjunction with bolts to secure the new seat to the frame.  I had place two near the shock bolts, but only one at the very tail end near the battery cage.  Unfortunately, the one on the end wasn’t drilled in far enough so the locking nut bump up against the frame.  This made it so I couldn’t tighten the nut.  So, I cut that tab off after adding two new ones and drilled new bolt holes.


I finished up the day cutting off the excess bar off the tail end and added the end loop.


And I then ran out of round stock.  For my next trip I’ll finish adding quarter round to the area when the rider sits, and then add sheet metal FINALLY!!  With the thick gauge metal I’m using now I’m not worried about burning holes as easily.  The DVD I purchased on metal working ( see this under product review ) I’ve learned an incredible amount about how to properly use a MIG welder and how best to space welds to keep the metal as cool as possible.  Although pre-heating the metal may have helped previously in the below freezing conditions we were working in, it also warps the crap out of things quickly.  I won’t be using that process any longer.

Even now as I sit here I keep hearing motorcycles running past my house.  I’m so damn pumped for this season I’m having a hard time waiting until next Sunday to go back down.  At least I’m excited and not feeling like this process is a hassle.

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