AutoRama 2013

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My trip to the 39th Annual AutoRama last Saturday started off with some of Utah’s finest bi-polar weather.  Weeks of dry turned overnight into slushy 4 wheel drive fun.


By the time I arrived the parking lot was almost to capacity, and a constant stream of attendees were shivering their way inside.  Unfortunately there was a significant reduction in the number of bikes this year.  One vendor informed me that there were about 40 fewer bikes than last time.  Although it was slim pickings, I still managed to find a few gems.

Black Envy by Chainsikle



I believe this bike from Sids Speed Shop was 90% sourced from swap meets. A damn fine job!

From SIDS Speed Shop

From SIDS Speed Shop


I definitely dig the ‘outside the box’ perspective, but I’m still undecided on these whitewalls.



A 1955 Harley Mini-Shooter

A 1955 Harley Mini-Shooter

Looking at this picture, I’m now wishing I’d spent more time trying to figure out how these off-center wheel/hub configurations worked.

1928 Indian

1928 Indian

1942 Harley used in WWII combat


 This was probably the most upbeat owner I met at the show.  G. Lewis turned out to be a friend of a friend, but I didn’t know it until today.  I’m really hoping to get the opportunity to see this bike kick some ass this September at the Bonneville Speed Weekend.

Gary Lewis and the Zooki Zoomer

Gary Lewis and the Zooki Zoomer



And that’s about it for this show.  I’ve got one other bike I’m really excited to talk about, but agreed to hold off for another week due to sponsorship concerns, etc.  I’m really looking forward to this upcoming riding season as the Cafe and custom motorcycle culture continues to evolve.

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