It’s Been A Bit Cold Lately

| January 31, 2013 | 0 Comments

Got a couple inches of snow the other day

This time of year here in Utah we get some fun weather, and we get some really shitty weather.  The snow I dig, but the below freezing temps and inversion induced smog that has lasted for weeks has sucked some major ass.  The air got so bad in fact that it was actually snowing grey crap for awhile; snog was the term I think my wife used.

My dad called me up and told me to hold off for a couple weeks on heading down to the shop.  It’s been so cold that the furnace in the shop can’t compensate.  Even last time I went we were both in coveralls, hats, and gloves and were just managing.

So in the meantime, I’ve been reading forums and talking to people.  I’ve really started taking an interest in metal shaping, and the guys at All highly recommend a DVD by an Australian at .  Since I’ve got a couple weeks before I go back down, I’m ordering this DVD and will begin making/investing in some hand tools so I can start fiddling around with stuff here at home.  The exchange rate right now with shipping comes to right about $60.

I also want to put some more work into setting up my shop at home; building a fold out work bench and run some heavier electrical lines to handle my MIG and other power tools.  Once I finish with my current project I’m going to look for another bike and try to do it all at home.

Just for grins, here’s a pic I took last night while up snowboarding at Powder Mountain.  The lights you see in the background is are from a ski resort called Wolf Mountain.



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