Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

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Got sooooo close to having the frame ready to be sandblasted and painted yesterday, but unfortunately it did not come to pass.  On the up side I took the time to appreciate how much I’ve learned.  I’m glad it’s not late spring/early summer right now because I probably would have been too frustrated to experience that.

Before I got started yesterday my dad had to show me his latest creation.  As a hobby he builds and accurizes rifles for competition bench rest shooting.  He also competes, and does a pretty damn good job at it.  The following picture is of a gun rest he recently finished.  He actually made most of this out of a single block of aluminum.  Next stop for it is the painter for powder coating –

gun restSo here is where I left off last time… wait..  first I gotta crank some Black Keys.

Okay, so here it was –

left off from last timeI wanted to clean up the welds around the battery cage, so we pulled out some carbide grinding tips –

Mmmmm..  Carbide

Mmmmm.. Carbide.

– and I started grinding down the crap –

battery cageI polished up the frame a bit more, and then put the frame of the new seat pan on it for a look see.  The seat didn’t sit flush with the frame for a couple of reasons; left over weld boogers high-centering it in odd spots, and the frame itself was twisted.  I did some grinding on the boogers for a minute, but then realized I’d distracted myself from the frame and that was first priority.

There was one spot on the frame where I’d dug in a little too deep with my grinder while removing the original battery cage mounts, so I cranked up the welder to do a little fill in.

Here I gotta mention everything I did to get it working properly because all my welds after this were much improved because of this.

  1. Moved welder to a wall outlet instead of from an extension cord.  I don’t think it was getting enough currently previously.
  2. Again heated spot to be welded with acetylene-oxygen torch until it was red hot.
  3. When performing weld, did short controlled bursts.

Turned out to be the best welds I’ve done in months!  I sanded them down and you can’t tell the frame had been nicked at all.  Bad ass!!

Had to run next to Home Depot to get some rubber grommets.  I’m going to use these for the cables and wiring that will be exiting through the bottom of the battery area.  These will keep the sharp edges from cutting the wires.  I also needed some additional 1/4″ cold rolled round stock for finishing up the seat.  Home Depot didn’t have the grommets, but I found some at AutoZone fortunately.

So back in the shop I began chopping up the seat frame to modify it for then new battery area, and when we attempted to twist it into straight the damn welds started breaking where I’d put in extensions.  Plus, IT WAS NOW TOO SHORT!!


We came to the agreement that the seat needed to be redone, so back we went to start it over.  We cut off the portion of the old seat where it met with the gas tank, tacked it into place on the frame, and then began again.    Had to heat the round stock with the torch to bend it to match the frame, but it came out really good.  I also added some flat strap to it right near where the sheet metal ends and drilled holes through them and into the sheet metal.  These will be used to hold the pan in place now.

starting over on seatAnd then, my time was up for the day.

Next time I’m shooting for frame and seat pan frame to be finished and then hopefully onto the painters.

On a side note, in a couple hours The Greasy Dozen will be announcing the builders they will be sponsoring over the coming months.  There have been some bad ass entries posted on the Chop Cult site.  Here’s hoping I’m chosen!

I hope your holiday(s) is a good one, and Happy New Year!


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