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While watching yet another Kott Motorcycles video I really took a liking to the simple flat sheet of metal they’re putting on the behind-the-rider portion of the frame.  I liked it so much, that’s what I decided to do.  Since the 22 gauge ( I think ) metal I’d purchased for the seat pan was so thin I was burning a hole through it with my MIG, I decided to instead get something thicker.  I found at Lowe’s some weldable 16 gauge that worked out much better.

Chopped off the single portion of flat strap and ground down the excess –

– cut out a chunk of 16 gauge to accommodate the space –

– and started welding.  Last time we’d tried heating up the metal before welding with a small hand held propane torch.  My dad suggested we go a little more burly and he rolled out the acetylene + oxygen torch –

– he’d heat up a spot, I’d tack it, he’d heat it up and hammer it into place, I’d keep welding –

The underside.  The black mark is permanent marker used to draw out the area to cut –

– cleaning up my welds –

This is definitely going to hold, but the welds look really rough.  With the heat I’d get a good bead going for about 10 sec and then it’d start splattering all over the place.  I’d try dragging the weld, pushing it, whatever.  It still came out rough.  It wasn’t until the following day that we’d realized something very important; these smaller MIG welders have a very short duty cycle before they start overheating.  This would explain why they’d start out great, then quickly go to crappy.  Next time I’ll go a maximum of 10 sec before giving it a brief rest.

I added in the battery cage, and about half way through really got to feeling all this welding was overkill, but it did give me some good practice.  Also, I had no issues with burning holes through this thickness of sheet metal.  I’m going to go thicker for the pan, maybe 20 or 18 gauge.  I only hesitate going thicker because that just makes it more difficult to cut.

Fortunately this will all not be visible. I will definitely be painting and doing a little bondo work instead of powder coating now.

Battery cage –

I’ve got now plenty of room for the fuse box and whatever other electronics I’ll want near the battery.  The voltage regulator I’m thinking I’ll mount separately under the rider portion of the seat with plenty of air flow to keep the transistors cooled off.

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