A Little More Seat On Frame Action

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Although it’s been awhile since I worked on my bike, I think it was for the best.  I’ve been excited all week to get back to it, and the moment I walked into my dad’s shop I was all business.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with changing up the seat cage AGAIN, and decided that if I did change it up, this was the last time.  Fortunately all this fabrication experience I’ve been acquiring really paid off today.

I started out with adding the new extensions to the seat frame.  These I hadn’t finished last  time as I’d decided to extend the seat back so that it lined up with the shock absorber  bolts –

We’ve had some intermittent problems with getting the welds to take.  My dad was talking to a neighbor, who is a welder, about this and he mentioned that they typically will heat something to around 300 degrees Fahrenheit before welding.  My dad had a setup where you just connect this nozzle to a propane canister and you get a very portable torch.

This puppy also has an electric starter, so all you have to do is turn it to On and then press the button and it lights right up.  Dunno if I heated the metal up to 300 or not, but my welds had a much higher rate of success the first time through –

Next it was time to change up the boxy battery cover to something more rounded.  I chopped off the existing square cornered frame and started working up my new option –

And then it was time to put it on –

And then the back end –

With rounded corners I had to take the box a bit higher that the squared corners to fit over the battery, but it’s still not as tall as the highest point on the gas tank.  I’m going to add a good bit of padding to the seat so the more area the better I say.

I added back in the additional supports –

And finally finished up the frame –

I saw this bike the other day on Old Bike Barn’s Facebook page and I really like how he did his tail lights.  I’ve decided to try and imitate this –

I’m also moving away from hinging the seat, and instead going to mount it how Kott Motorcycles is doing some now.  Check out the following video at 4:43 and you’ll see the tabbed approach he’s now taking –

All in all I think everything has turned out pretty good.  It was great to get back in the shop all excited again.  Next is finishing up the area where the battery will sit, adding the mounting tabs, and FINALLY ADDING THE SHEET METAL!!!  Our previous experience with welding the thin sheet metal with the MIG did not prove successful, so were going to use a torch and bailing wire to solder it on.  This is the same technique I’ll use to recreate a Kerker 3-2-1 exhaust –

I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to it again soon!

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