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Last Sunday I was finally able to get back on ‘ye old horse’.  I’ve changed my mental approach on this project, and it finally feels like it’s sunk in; I’m enjoying it again instead of stressing out that I haven’t got it done yet.

It was time to connect up the seat.  We’d been fiddling with the idea of having the seat hinge up from the rear, and so off to Home Depot we went to look for something suitable.

Trying to figure out how much the seat would need to be raised in order to clear the frame.

We ended up settling on something a bit heavy duty.  But in order for the seat to clear the frame we needed to recess the hinge.  We measured out where we needed to put it, cut out the necessary space, and then welded it up –

It seemed to open up well and clear the frame –

That done it was time to cut off the excess –

And all together now –

Honestly, I’m not sure how happy I am with this.  The cage ( at least the tail end ) no longer sits flush with the frame, and it hangs off the back side further than I want it to.  I’ve got time to mull it over more though before I go back down again.  We’re also going to have to purchase a spot welder to put the sheet metal on the seat frame;  the MIG is burning a hole through the metal on our test welds.  We could get thicker sheet metal, but this will just make it more difficult to cut and mold.

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