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Father’s Day was spent with my dad back in the shop working on the bike.  I’ve had a couple things milling around in my head lately and I finally decided I did not like the existing battery cage.  It just looked like crap to me.  So we flopped the battery and it’s rubber sleeve back onto the frame to reevaluate –

I still wanted to use whatever we had available, so we cut the sleeve in half and did a little trimming –

Scrounging around my dad found some decent angle iron to make a new cage.  We cut it up and then began welding –

Finished –

My dad grabbed some rubber cement and connected both ends of the sleeve together, and once dried we put it all together –

Next I began working on the sheet metal underside of this portion of the bike.  I took some basic poster board and started cutting away –

And then, we needed coffee..  Finding a coffee shop open on Sunday in Utah County is rare. We headed over to Provo to Juice and Java and on our way came across a couple Cafe’s –

Due to it being close to 100 degrees in the shop, we opted for manly Green Tea Smoothies instead of Highlander Grog, and then headed back and welded in the sheet metal to seal the underside –

I recently received my new fuse box from Oregon Motorcycle Parts  and it turned out to  be much smaller than I anticipated –

We decided the fuse box should sit where both sides of it were easily accessible, so we welded in some additional strap –

We marked the location of the fuse-box screw holes, then drilled and tapped –

And here it is all together –

We had to cut two bars and re-position them on the seat, but here is what it looks like with the cage on now –

And to finish off the day I threw the gas tank back on just for a look see –

Getting so much closer!!  I forgot my grinder so we weren’t able to clean up the welds and spatter much, but next time we’re going to add the additional sheet metal on the frame under the riders seat the then cover the new seat pan finally!

I’ve also decided that I’m going to have the frame painted instead of powder coated.  It might be a bit more expensive, but there are a couple spots on the frame that are going to need a little bondo and powder coating won’t stick to bondo.

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