1957 BSA All Original One Owner – Holy Shit!

| April 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

So, yesterday I’m at my favorite hang out / watering hole when I get to talking with the owner’s father.  The conversation eventually turns to motorcycles and I finally get up the courage to ask him if he’d introduce me his neighbor who owns a classic BSA.  He then asks me if I’d like to see the bike right now, and of course my response was “Hell Yeah!”.  We sit down to a laptop and he pulls up an email with pics just recently taken of the 1957 BSA.

This bike has had only one owner, and was put together by him right out of the crate.  Everything on the bike is original except for the handle bar, but he still has the oringal.

The owner has decided his riding days have come to an end, and so he is putting this incredible machine up for sale.  These pics were taken for the upcoming online ad.  It’s either going to go up on Walneck’s Classic Motorcycles or KSL Classifieds here in Utah.

Unfortunately I don’t remember any other details because a couple Pabst Blue Ribbons were taking advantage of my eating very little that day.  If it was currently in my budget I’d have this bike home with me right now.


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