Bill’s Boneyard

| April 21, 2012 | 1 Comments

Had to take a trip down to Salt Lick City today and decided to make a slight detour on my way home to check out Bill’s Boneyard .  My buddy Doug had recently gone out there and was able to find parts for one of his Enduro projects that he couldn’t find anywhere else, and was able to get them for next to nothing.

I’m kind of on the hunt for 3-2-1 exhaust made by a company called Kerker which I’ve been told produced the best performance for the triple.  If I can’t find one I’ll just get the specs and build one myself.

Anyway, I didn’t get to meet Bill but I did take a couple pics –

This was one of the rows of exhausts.

Here were a couple bikes he’s got floating around

One of the inside walls had a couple rear shocks here and there

I liked this old bobber.

They got everything you can think of; from clip-on handle bars to gas tanks, complete forks, fenders, wheels, tires, etc. etc. etc.



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  1. Kohle Hansen says:

    Oh man, I gotta go out there!!!

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