Slowly but surely

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I got to hit my dad’s shop over the weekend.   We met up at his Sunday coffee shop haunt, purchased some of their finest, and headed back to get things moving.

We started off with removing the drive shaft and U-joint from the swing arm.  They’re only held together by a snap ring on the end of the shaft, so all it took was a little prying with a standard head screwdriver while using the swing arm for leverage.

Next I continued with the seat pan.

Before –

Checking against gas tank.  Yeah, that paint is definitely gonna come off –

Finished with seat frame –

And separated from the bike frame –

I can’t believe how long this took.  Seemed like once I got something done I had to cut and re-weld something else.  I really expected to have made more progress, at least to have got some of the sheet metal tacked on.  We had to make a quick run to a hardware store for some tubing and when we got there I became extremely dizzy.  My dad figured it was breathing all the flux fumes from the MIG.  By the time we got back I felt like total crap and had to abandon things for the rest of the day.  Funny how susceptible one can be when the most hazardous thing you come into contact with at your day job is monitor cleaner.  Oh well, I wouldn’t change things.  I love my job, and I’m quite comfortable inside my half cubicle.

Anyway, I want to have sheet metal covering the entire underside of the battery cage, as well as under the seat where I’ll be placing the majority of the electronic junctions.  At this point I’m thinking continuing out the ends of the motorcycle frame and have it connect together matching the bottom frame of the seat.

Since it’ll be another two weeks before I get back down, I’m gonna start into tearing down the carburetors and strip all the paint off the gas tank.  I now want to go for a brushed metal look for both the tank and battery covering portion of the seat.


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