The benefits of running my mouth and really thinking ‘custom’

| April 10, 2012 | 16 Comments

After reading over numerous posts about how beneficial an oil cooler is in the long run for my bike I decided to go ahead and get one.  The XS750 didn’t have one, but the XS850 did and it’s compatible with my bike.  Last night I got on EBay and lo’ and behold I found a guy in my area selling both the cooler and adapter.  He left it open to best offer, so I put in offers for both.  He responded that evening with a counter but I didn’t follow up until this morning.  Somebody saw that the price for the adapter was a real steal and got it ahead of me though.  I did get the cooler –

So I headed down after work to the guy’s shop where he does ATV repair since he was cool with a local pickup and cash.  Going through the checkout process he didn’t really ask why I was buying it, so I decided to let him know I was building a cafe and how this would work on my bike and blah blah blah ( sometimes I can’t help talking someone to death ).  Once I finished, he proceeded to tell me his cafe ideas with this bike he’s parting out now.  We then ended up in the back of his shop to checkout a bobber project he had, then out we went to his bone yard to discuss his ideas for his other bikes.

It kicked ass!!

I asked him for some suggestions on replacing the crappy plastic master cylinder for my front brake, so back in the shop we went where he showed me an all metal one complete with brake lever and already wired up with a light switch.  Thing was it wasn’t original-ish and I kinda was hung up on that.  He looked at me and asked, “Man, you’re building a custom bike, so why not do whatever you want?” .

Well, duh…

I don’t know why I’ve gotten hung up thinking some things can only be done one way.  Fortunately my rambling gave me an opportunity to see things from another perspective and get to know a cool guy.


16 Comments on "The benefits of running my mouth and really thinking ‘custom’"

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  1. Dante says:

    What’s up dawg it’s BlackBII from the Yamaha Triples site. Name’s Dante.

    That oil cooler will be a great addition to your bike.

    • ucr says:

      Hey Dante! Dude, your bikes kick ASS man!!! I’ve been look’n over your triple build for awhile for inspiration. I really like what you did with that RockStar addition to your tail pipe. I’m considering doing something similar with a metal 40 yr old Scotch container.

      • Dante says:

        Thanks! I tried to do a really good job on my bike, but of course there are a few flaws.

        That’s funny you say that, because my original idea was to use an old oil can as a muffler, but I couldn’t find one in good enough shape. Something like this$(KGrHqNHJBsE9BeuNpCLBPhjotbPrw~~60_57.JPG

        • ucr says:

          Oh HELL yeah! One of those would have looked really good.

          Hey, if there was anything additional you wish you did on your triple first time around ( funds permitting ) what would it have been? Would you mind if I posted a pick of your bike up on my Facebook page?

          • Dante says:

            No problem with you posting a pic of it, it’s already all over the internet.

            As far things I wish I would have done….

            The only things I can think of are
            -Chain drive with different swingarm, allowing for a 180 tire
            -New forks with smaller diameter front wheel and better brakes.

            Problem is, you’re looking at almost $1000 right there. Also, the newer upside down forks are a lot shorter than the forks on our bikes, so they would be in a constant nosedive.

            I WILL be getting new forks, a chain drive and new swingarm eventually, but with the new tires I just put on, I’ll wait until I need to replace them.

          • ucr says:

            Cool man, thanks!

            Are you still rock’n the Dunlop GT501s then? If so, did you have something else previously?

            What unit would you use for a chain drive on your triple?

  2. Dante says:

    Yeah I’m still running the Dunlop GT501’s. They are great tires.

    For the chain drive, you can take the stock middle drive, cut it apart, and put a sprocket on the shaft, replacing the gear. Or, you can have a machine shop make a new middle drive unit.

    This guy makes one, I tried asking if he could make me one, but I could never get a hold of him….

    Here’s another

    And another:

    I might do it someday.

    • ucr says:

      Very nice!

    • ucr says:

      I’m trying to decide between the Dunlops you suggest or some Avon RoadRiders. Both look to have high and positive reviews. I don’t now much of anything about motorcycle tires, but I definitely want something that will handle well under as many conditions as possible.

      • Dante says:

        The only problem with the Dunlops is the size that the rear tire comes in. It’s a 130/70, which is a smaller diameter tire than stock. So what happens is your revs on the highway are increased, bringing your revs to about 6000 at 70mph. This is how it is on my bike, and it sucks. I really need a 6th gear on this bike, one of the many reasons I want a chain drive, so I can change the ratio.

        The Avon has a 130/90, which is a bigger tire and will keep the revs lower on the highway, so I would go with the Avon.

        You could run a 140 or 150 tire, but it might rub on the swingarm and our rear rims are a little too narrow to take advantage of those wider sizes.

        • ucr says:

          I so totally appreciate this insight man. Thanks! If you go with a wider tire, doesn’t that mess up the geometry of the bike a little? Also, in the Avons what would you suggest for a front tire size? I’m going to be lowering the front of my bike an inch or two and possibly raising the rear to level things out and give it that more Cafe look which will probably changes things (geometry) again.

  3. Dante says:

    Running a wider tire won’t change the geometry, it will however make the bike more stable in corners. It looks like the Avon only comes in a size 90 width, which is too narrow. You want to run a 110 on the front.

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