Scott’s Yamaha XT500 project bike

| April 4, 2012 | 0 Comments

Got a rock’n write-up and some pics today from reader Scott Megan on his XT500 project bike –

So Tonight I was messing around with the bike I was still waiting on some parts I ordered like a battery, oil filter, and new plug, to actually attempt starting it.

  I think the piston was a little stuck from all the years of barn status so I put some oil in the cylinder trying to free it up.  It unstuck right away and I noticed some spark from the plug… I instantly started throwing the carb back on and the airbox.  Drove my working bike to the gas station to get some fuel.  Im not lieing it started 4th kick!!!!!!  I couldnt believe it.  So I had to drive it.  I threw the bike back together completely.  Filled up the tires, which did still hold air, and Took her for a spin of course!  my buddy followed me on his gs500 fighter.  We went up to a friends house in near foothill.  I was jumping speed bumps the whole way!  What a blast!!  I really couldnt be happier.  It does have a pretty bad valve cover gasket leak but I will have that ordered in no time and then really rip around on it!  No real plans for it yet, just riding!

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