Custom Cafe seat now in the works

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It totally blows me away how time flies when working on this bike.  We probably put in seven hours this weekend and it felt like two.  I spent quite a bit of time practicing with a MIG before we dove in.  Our biggest challenge was bending the 1/4″ round stock.  The YouTube videos I found for reference that I posted back in March Battery has been relocated and a new direction for the seat were a great help, but his roller is a bit outside my current budget.  We did however find at Harbor Freight this puppy for six bucks that did the trick –

Harbor Freight el cheap-o tubing bender

Here’s what the new battery cage setup looks like –

I put the old seat pan back on to get an idea of where we needed to begin the hump –

We cut out the area for the battery right where the seat transitioned to where the passenger would have sat. This also gave just enough room for the battery where it extends out past the cage.  I wanted to have the back of the seat line up directly where the top of the rear shocks would mount, but with the amount of space needed to accommodate how far forward the battery sticks out I needed to compromise.  Since we aren’t using the original pan anymore, I cut the hinge straps off and the lock mount.

Following how Kott began his seat, we bent the end of the round stock closest to the gas tank out about 15 degrees and tacked them down with the MIG on the frame.  FYI, make sure you grind/sand all paint off the frame where you are going to weld otherwise it acts as an insulator and you can’t get a weld to work for shit.  The length of the seat came to 24″.  We tapered in the rods after hey passed the end of the frame about 10 – 15 degrees.  I’m going for a hybrid type of seat. It’s kind of a split between the Clubman seat sold at and how Kott’s example flows in with the tank.  After a lot of trial and error, here is what emerged –

Top View


Side view

Side View 2

I didn’t realize there was still epoxy resin on the floor from our windsurfing board building days until I looked at this photo.  Trippy!

Anyway, the rod frame is about 60% complete before we add sheet metal.  I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the battery cage or make a new one.  The original is really beat all to hell.

Made progress on the brake calipers, kinda.  Hooking up an air compressor and trying to blast them out did not work.  Turned out to be a lot of old crappy fluid and gunk in them.  We were able to remove the piston from one of the front calipers with channel locks, but in the process the piston was beat to crap so I’m just gonna follow suit with the others and buy new pistons.  The funny thing was the rubber O-ring inside the caliper was in great shape.


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