Brake calipers torn down today and Ebay gives hope for the budget

| March 26, 2012 | 0 Comments

Keeping with my Sunday tradition of working on my bike I tore down my brake calipers today.  Besides the amount of dirt buildup on the outside, the calipers are themselves in great condition.  The pads for all three brakes will definitely need to be replaced, but all seals are in excellent condition with no cracks.  Things just need a little cleanup is all.

The pistons however would not budge on the front calipers.  The front brakes master cylinder is in sad shape, and the brake lever is broken so I didn’t have an opportunity prior to tear down to try and press the cylinders out hydraulically.  The rear brake however did work before tear down, but I didn’t think to try and press it out once the pads were removed.  My plan is when I get back to my dad’s shop this next Sunday we’ll hook up his air compressor to the calipers and encourage them to come out.

So I started looking for some OEM parts ie. brake pads, new front brake master cylinder, new disks, etc. and I got a little bummed.  Quite a few sites I visit that have detailed break downs have next to none of the components available, and if they do they’re very expensive.  I racked up a shopping cart around $500 just for new steel braided break lines, master cylinder, new stainless steel pistons, and pads.  Then I jumped over to Ebay and did a few Yamaha XS750 specific searches and found everything I’m needing for around $200 from top valued sellers with free shipping.  Kind of a no-brainer where I’m gonna go now.

So this coming Sunday I’m also planning on tearing down my front forks, removing bearings and tires from my wheels,  and cleaning up things as best I can in preparation for sand blasting and powder coating.  I’m thinking for the frame and triple tree I’m gonna do bronze, remove the chrome off the fork tubes and do them matte black, wheels matte black, and brake calipers fire engine red.

For this bike I’m not interested in any chrome.

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