Battery has been relocated and a new direction for the seat

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I was back down at my dad’s shop this weekend and we made a lot of progress.  Unfortunately, I am currently unable to upload any photos of our progress due to a problem with my hosting provider, so I’ll just detail things as best I can.

This trip the goal was to relocate the battery to behind the riders seat.  I still had the original battery cage and with a little trimming I was able to get it down to just the bare cage itself.  I also still had a rubber sleeve that fit around the original battery as well.  The solution we came to was take some 1/8″ thick by 2″ wide strap and use this to mount the battery cage on top of the frame.  In the process we also realized that the frame was not long enough now after I cut off the turn signal mounts.  Fortunately my dad had purchased the exact size tubing for just in cast and we only needed to add an additional 4″ of tubing to each side.

We used a simple 90 amp flux wire MIG welder purchased from Harbor Freight that turned out to be a totally bad ass purchase.  It made welds easy and was incredibly strong.

Next we proceeded to cut out a big enough space for the seat pan to be able to folder over the top of the battery cage.  The hole was cut out successfully, but we ended up realizing in the process just how rusted all to crap the seat pan is.

I found the following vids by Jason Joel Harris of Kott Motorcycles awhile ago detailing how to make your own seat pan, and they are now my inspiration.  I got the tools, and I hope the talent –

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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