My next build will be a hardtail

| February 24, 2012 | 0 Comments

So, a couple weekends ago my daughter has a birthday party.  During the guest drop off one parent comes to the door and right off the bat I had a feeling I was gonna get to know this guy.  Come time for pickup he walks past my open garage and notices the engine I have laying on the floor.  He asks me what I’ve got, and I tell him, and then explain I’m building a Cafe Racer.  I ask, “You ever heard of that?”.  He responds, “Yes, I have. I build custom motorcycles”.

So Micky, my new friend, is not very interested in Cafes.  He builds hardtails, and pretty nice ones at that.  Here’s a couple picks from one of his current builds –

The moment I sat down on this bike it was decided.  My next build is gonna be a hardtail.


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