Electrical removed, battle cry ensues

| November 10, 2011 | 2 Comments

Finally got the wiring harness out last night.  I tried to keep the wire cutting down to a minimum, but some of the plastic connectors were so brittle that they crumbled in my hand and the metal was fused with wear/age.

The moment I pulled it all out I felt like whooping as if I was a Native American Warrior scalping his defeated opponent.    Well, sans the blood, and body parts, and any real confrontation.  Still felt like doing it though.

I’m amazed at how time flies when I’m working on this.  Typically to put my mind at ease I’ll meditate, workout, etc.  But when I’m working on this bike I get so caught up in the moment that everything just goes on standby.

Damn I’m having FUN!!!!!

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2 Comments on "Electrical removed, battle cry ensues"

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  1. Mac says:

    I’m about to re-do my wiring harness as well. If you are having problems finding the “metric terminals” ( especially the 4-way terminals), try vintageconnections.com.

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